Mayor Byron Brown praised the judge’s actions in a statement

Initial plans called for people to bring Favre memorabilia to burn at the restaurant parking lot, with the restaurant donating money to the city Fire Department based on the numbers of items destroyed. The department said it could not accept the donation. Instead, it was determined that one jersey would be burned and the remaining items donated to Goodwill..

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wholesale jerseys from china «He is a big reason why Juan Rodriguez was shot.»Juan, who turned 12 in the hospital several days after the June shooting, underwent several surgeries and in September was well enough to start rehabilitation at a Rochester clinic. Last month, he was ready to leave the hospital, even though he still had an open wound to keep pressure off his brain.Attorney Daniel Grasso, who was representing Magee for the arraignment, noted that Magee has no prior criminal convictions and asked Wolfgang to consider a «reasonable» bail.»Well, we’re going to do the exact opposite,» Wolfgang said, and she ordered Magee held without bail, at least until he returns to court with his assigned attorney.Mayor Byron Brown praised the judge’s actions in a statement.»Judge Wolfgang’s no bail decision sends a strong message when it comes to keeping dangerous individuals off the streets,» he said. «Serious weapons charges involving innocent victims should have serious consequences. wholesale jerseys from china

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