4 billion is under way, and by early 2017 will help provide

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replica oakley sunglasses All the while the park existed in a state of unclear standing. City owned, the space the riders used survived on no semblance of City funding. Not forgotten, just ignored. Auckland’s $1.4 billion is under way, and by early 2017 will help provide drivers from Manukau to Albany with an alternative to State Highway 1 and the harbour bridge.The 4.8km link between the Southwestern and Northwestern Motorways will fill the last but one gap in the 48km Western Ring Route. It will bypass the city to the west and link Manukau, Auckland, Waitakere and North Shore.All that will be left to complete, by about 2019, will be a $500 million plus motorway to motorway interchange at the northern end of the route.As one of the world’s largest tunnelling machines burrows below Oakley Creek on its 2.4km journey from Owairaka to Waterview, a three level traffic inter change is starting to sprout up as Spaghetti Junction II beside the Northwestern Motorway.Work is also gathering pace on $475 million worth of associated projects along the Motorway.These include widening almost 9km of the Northwestern from St Lukes to Te Atatu, while raising the 4.8km motorway causeway across an inlet of the Waitemata Harbour and Whau River.Motorway interchanges are being upgraded at Lincoln Rd in Henderson and at Te Atatu, to be followed soon by a duplication of the St Lukes Rd bridge over the Northwestern at Western Springs.Length: 4.8km (half of it tunnelled)Cost: $1.4 billionCompletion: early 2017Twin tunnelsThree lanes in each directionA tunnel boring machine had by yesterday dug 744m of its 2.4km way north to Waterview, from where it is due to break out of the ground in September, before being turned around to burrow back to Owairaka. It is being tailed all the way by an enclosed conveyor belt which has removed about 122,000cum of soil to a drying plant replica oakley sunglasses.

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