La Trapa is a private nature reserve managed by the GOB for more than 30 years. It is a collective project, in which the involvement of people is essential for its conservation. Our aim is to make of La Trapa a natural space accessible to everyone, to encourage volunteering, conservation and environmental education.



The property has an area where we allow camping in a controlled manner and with prior authorization. The camping area is located about 30 meters from the buildings, following the path to the viewpoint, and it can only accommodate a small number of tents and people.

It is neither a camp nor a shelter: there is only a basic dry latrine, and there is no waste collection service, water for drinking or showering, or cafeteria service. It should also be taken into account that the camping area is not serviced, and there is no mobile phone coverage. In case of emergency, the nearest point with mobile phone coverage is the highest point of the path from Sant Elm, where there is a panel indicating the beginning of the property.




Rules to be respected

The area has a high ecological and heritage interest, and is part of the Serra de Tramuntana Natural Park. From the GOB we allow you to visit and enjoy it, taking extreme precautions and minimizing the impact on the area, the fauna and the rest of the visitors. Hence we ask everybody to respect some elementary rules:

– no fire can be lit there at any time of the year.

– you must respect the quietness of the fauna and of the rest of the visitors, avoiding making excessive noise.

– the natural and heritage elements must be treated with respect and without interfering: it is not allowed to pick flowers, moving or piling stones, etc.

– all the waste (including biodegradable and hygienic waste such as wipes etc.) must be collected and returned home; they cannot be buried, hidden or burned.

– no droppings can be left; there is a dry latrine about 50 m from the camping area.

– keep an eye on your dog, if it accompanied you during your stay.


Authorization procedure

At the moment, the administration is designing a regulatory framework to accommodate the so-called “transverse camping areas”. While this possibility is not operational, camping in La Trapa, regardless of the number of tents, people and nights, requires authorization from both the GOB (as owner of the property) and the Department of Environment and Territory of the Government of the Balearic Islands (article 64 of the Planning of the Natural Resources of the Serra de Tramuntana). Authorizations can be requested using the form and instructions given below. Under no circumstances will camping or overnight stays be allowed without prior authorization.

– The first step is to apply for the authorization of the property (GOB) by filling out and submitting the form displayed below at least 15 days in advance. The GOB will forward the authorization (or denial of permission) by email.

– The second step is to process the authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Environment to camp at La Trapa. You have three options to complete the procedure:


Application Form

    By submitting this form:

    - I declare that the submitted personal data are true, that I am informed of the rules of the camping area of La Trapa and, consequently, I am asking the GOB for authorization to camp at La Trapa under the conditions I have detailed.

    - I understand that the GOB authorization does not exempt me from the obligation to have the corresponding authorization from the Department of Environment and Territory of the Regional Government.

    - I have read and I accept the personal data protection policy.

    I agree