This Sunday, come to reforest La Trapa!

Two years have passed since the great fire of 2013 that burned part of La Trapa, and we have already seen what the natural resilience of the area. So we decided to intervene to help the reforestation of the areas where it will be such a complicated, due to the successive fires that have depleted the forest community and facilitated the loss of fertile soil. Within the framework of the project “Implementation of the plan medidas run Natura 2000 in the Tramuntana ZEC SPA-La Trapa” which has the support of the Biodiversitat Foundation, and thanks to the collaboration of the nursery little, We have 1,000 seedlings of olive trees, bushes and pine trees, and seeds of the same species, which will plant this year.

Thus, Sunday 21 February will make the first day of reforestation. As usual in the days of volunteering in La Trapa, we’ll meet at 9 am in front of the entrance to the Media Markt (Ocimax, Palma) ridesharing, or we will directly at 10 Elm St. (opposite the restaurant Es Molí, la Trapa avenue). The day will end at 14pm. We’ll be waiting for you!

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