La Trapa is named for the community of Trappist monks who settled there in 1810 , fleeing the French Revolution . Transformed the valley and built a set of elements linked to the rural architecture among which a monastery , lime kilns , coal , mill , different eras , terraces with perfectly carved stones and an ingenious hydraulic system associated with an aquitard and formed three sources of mine and many canlizaciones ( inspired qnats Arabic ) . All this forms a valuable example of the traditional architecture of the Mallorcan mountain.



The most significant building of the farm is , without doubt , the old monastery. This is a 800 m2 building with two floors of the remains of a vaulted chapel.



A defining feature of the landscape of the Sierra de Tramontana aterrazan the terraces are outstanding and give the possibility to be farmland . These savings fertile soil to feed people and livestock , in addition to forming an excellent system for improving the infiltration of rainfall, surface runoff recucción and sewerage system for collection.

The many terraces are present at La Trappe a good sample of the huge agriculture developed there .



This jewel of rural architecture is composed of a gabled house and sign two heights. It is distributed so that there is room for the work of draft animal traction (usually a donkey ) , spinning mechanism allowing grind grain of wheat, and another area for the housing and feeding of the animal.

This element forms a perfect set of gear with terraces ( which provided the cereal ) and era ( which was threshed and the grain supplied ), giving as a result that allowed flour largely support both the religious community and farmers who continued land management .



Taking advantage of the watershed of the valley itself, various integrated catchment tunnels were built in the same old terraces that aterrazan ravine . Are built with stone, without any bond, and allow access to different parts of the valley floor where the flow of the waters after percolate through the material flows towards the existing pond where the water is collected is concentrated .

The feedback system allows infiltrate rainwater , drain it and lead it to a collection point .

The system is composed of three sources of mine located in the bottom of tunnels passable as many stone . The first tunnel has a length of 11 meters and flows directly into the pond. The second and third tunnel are longer ( 20 and 22 meters, respectively ) and have a vertical air shaft and lighting. Stresses the second mine shaft with a diameter of 2 meters and a height of 8 meters.